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2003 Combo Registration and Captain Information

Registration is now open.
Deadline for the initial roster (6 people) is July 11, 03
Deadline for add-ons is July 27, 03
Captains Meeting June 22, 03 at 2:00 at LCTC
Season begins July 28, 03

All Captains should attend meeting.  Packets can be picked up - no packets will be mailed out.  Pre-registration Form must be filled out and turned in with all info completed for Captain's Directory for web.  A packet will not be given out without all
required  info on the preregistration form.

If a Captain cannot attend the meeting, he must send a reliable representative from the team . 

Night that leagues will play.

5.0 Men and Women - Tuesday
5.5 Men and Women - Monday
6.5 Men and Women - Thursday
7.5 Men and Women - Wednesday
8.5 Men and Women - Tuesday
9.5 Men and Women - Monday
10.5 Men and Women - Monday

6.5 Men and Women - Tuesday
7.5- Men and Women - Monday
8.5 Men and Women - Thursday

OR you can look at the play dates like this.  All play time will be in the evening.

Monday - 5.5, 9.5, 10.5 (Men and Women) and 7.5 Seniors
Tuesday - 5.0, 8.5 (Men and Women) and 6.5 Seniors
Wednesday - 7.5 (Men and Women)
Thursday - 6.5 (Men and Women) and 8.5 Seniors