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2003 City Playoff RESULTS

The Combo Doubles City Playoffs for Women's 5.5 and 6.5 were held October 12.

5.5 Women's Combo

The winner was captain Barbara Frawley's team, Secret Service out of Coldstream.
Team players are: Carol Wiggins, Patty Harris, Karen Deligt, Amber McLeod, Maria Martin, Shannon Hunter, Marie Ouellet, and Melissa Walker

Secret Service

The runner-up was captain Saralyn Hatchells team, Tennis Menace out of YMCA.
Team players are: Ginger Patsy, Rebecca Williams, Jennifer Clary, Leslie Riddle, Suzanne Nash, Tammera Starnes, Angie Lee, Theresa Stader, and Kim Deese.

5.5 Women's Combo - Runner Up

6.5 Women's Combo

The winner was captain Cathy Cagney's team, The Volley Girls out of LCTC.
Team players are: Trish Proctor, Cissy George, Janet Nissen, Arlene Wilkes, Beth Dowdee, Jill Haynes, Sharon Pimental, Cathy Johnson, and Natalie Horne.

6.5 Doubles Combo Champs

The runner-up was captain Laura Carroll's team, the Alley Gals out of YMCA.
Team players are: Peggy Renew, Sherri Lammers, Lyn Parrott, Sheri Carpenter, Gina Vedder, Patti Floyd, Donna Mcmurray, Theresa Stader, and Jill Farmer.

The Alley Gals



IN MYRTLE BEACH 10/31 - 11/03.