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Captain's Letter Fall 2003

League Coordinator – Joyce Harrison 781-7733
League Secretary – Wanda Johns 359-5311

FALL 2003

TO:              Team Captains
FROM:         Joyce Harrison, League Coordinator
DATE:         August 10, 2003

TennisLink is now open to register your Fall team.  A captain may sign up the entire team or allow players to sign up individually once given the Team ID No.

To register on TennisLink, go to LATA web site: and click on TennisLink.  If you have any problems with registration, please call your Level Coordinator.

A Team Registration Form is included with this letter.  Please complete and return to your level coordinator.  This info is needed for the Captain’s Directory.  You may send via snail mail or e-mail (a pre-registration form is also on the web) to your level coordinator.  A Coordinator Directory with their info is included and available on the web.

RULES AND REGS:  Local, State and Southern Rules are available on the web.  If you would like a copy mailed, please contact Wanda Johns.

The deadline for registering a complete team is September 5th.  We cannot enter your team in the schedule if you miss this date.

For a team to be accepted by September 5th, you must have:

                   Adult Team                8          players
                   Senior Team              6          players
                   2.5 and 5.0 Team       5          players

ADD-ONS:   Players may be added to a roster until the September 20th deadline.

The league fee is $18 per player ($15 for seniors) plus a $2 user fee for the “TennisLink” program.  This will need to be paid with a credit card.  No refunds.

IMPORTANT:  THE TEAM CODE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR TEAM NAME:  When registering your team, please remember to enter your team code first as part of your team name plus your facility code after the team name.  EXAMPLE:  John Doe, Captain of the Aces playing out of Coldstream would be:  TJDO-Aces-CS.   Where "T" is  for Team, JDO is the first initial of John and the first and second letters of John's last name, Doe.  Aces is the team name and CS is the code for the Coldstream

FALL ONLY, players may play on 2 Adult and/or 2 Senior teams but may not play below his/her computer rating.  If you do not have a computer rating, you may self-rate when registering on TennisLink.  NOTE:  If you were self-rated for Spring 2003, Mixed Doubles 2003 or Combo 2003, you cannot self-rate lower.

LIST OF LATA FACILITIES and their codes to use when registering your team on TennisLink:

   Ball Park – BP                  Harbison – HB                       Quail Hollow – QH
   Coldstream – CS            Orangeburg – OB                   Quail Valley – QV
   Crooked Creek – CC      Seven Oaks – SO                  NW YMCA – YMCA
   Gardendale – GD            Topspin – TS                           Dutch Fork High – DF    
   Brookland Cayce – BC   Murraywood – MW                 Golden Hills – GH
   Lexington Country Club – LCC
   Lexington County Tennis Complex – LCTC (phone 957-7676)
                     LIST OF PLAY DAYS:           
LADIES                                                                               MEN

4.5     Monday          Night    6:30                     5.0     Sunday            2:00
4.0     Monday          Day      9:30                     4.5     Sunday             2:00
4.0     Wednesday     Night    6:30                    4.0     Thursday          6:30 
3.5     Tuesday          Day      9:30                    3.5     Thursday          6:30
3.5     Tuesday          Night   6:30                     3.0     Wednesday       6:30
3.0     Friday            Day      9:30                    
3.0     Monday          Night   6:30                              
2.5     Tuesday         Night   6:30 


We are piloting the Senior League for the Fall at night along with the Adult League instead of Saturday.  Matches will begin at 6:30 or 6:00 and 8:00 as needed for scheduling.   Following are the nights each  Senior level will play:

           Monday:  3.0 Men, 4.0 Men
           Tuesday:  3.5 Men, 4.5 Men
           Wednesday:  3.5 Women, 4.5 Women
           Thursday:  3.0 Women, 4.0 Women

Please note that if we have too many teams on a particular night sign up that scheduling will not allow, Senior teams may be changed to a different day/night such as Friday night, Saturday or Sunday.



                    LADIES                                                       MEN

          4.5     Becky Hipp           356-3784              5.0   Sammie George       359-2282

          4.0     Nancy Hogsett      781-4049              4.5   Sammie George       359-2282

          3.5    Summer Meetze     356-1048             4.0  Sammie George       359-2282

          3.0     Nan Aull               755-2401                3.0  Cissy George          796-5397

          2.5     Becky Hipp           356-3784               3.5   Kay Wescott         732-0604

          Srs.    Phyllis Ross          359-9342