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USA Kids Team Tennis Program Information

Fun, fitness, and friends for players of all ages and skill levels.

Boys and girls ranging in age from 6-18 enjoy Junior Team Tennis in Lexington. The above photo was taken at the 2015 USTA South Carolina Junior Team Tennis State Championships. 


Lexington JTT matches are held at the Lexington County Tennis Complex and other public facilities in Lexington County.

Click here for fall 2016 league information.

  • Click to sign up online in TennisLink
  • Spring season is March - May
  • Summer season is June - August (10 & Under only)
  • Fall season is September - November
  • Winter season is December - January (14U and 18U Age Divisions only)
  • Skill level from very beginner to advanced
  • Age Divisions: 8 and Under (using a 36 foot court), 10 and Under (using a 60 foot court), 12 and Under Green Dot Ball, 12/14 and Under - Beginner, 12, 14 & 18  Under - Intermediate/Advanced
  • Days of play: (Spring & Fall) are Fridays at 5:30 p.m. , 18's play on Sundays. - Due to Adult League play, at 6 p.m., Friday at 5 is the time courts are available at the various facilities.
  • USTA membership is REQUIRED   visit for membership
  • Program fees: $45.00
    • Coached by VOLUNTEERS - generally parents, like you.
    • All players who come to the scheduled match will play
    • Coaches communicate before a match to ensure players are matched for the best possible match
    • Team stats and standings, rosters, scores, etc. are all on-line in TennisLink.
    • Team practices are at the home courts.  Day and time is decided between the coach and players.
    • Match Format is one boy and girls singles, one boy and girls doubles and one mixed match
    • Minimum of 4 boys and 4 girls needed to field a team
    • Teams are generally 6-7 boys and 6-7 girls

10 & Under Tennis

For those children 8 and younger the size of the court is 36 x 18. The set-up divides a standard size court into several smaller courts, using the standard size court's doubles sidelines as baselines. Racquets are up to 23" in size, so that every child can handle the equipment.  The ball, either foam or very low compression, bounces lower and travels slower.  The net height is 2'9", making it easier for each child to rally.

For those children 10 and younger, the size of the court is 60' x 21'. The racquets are up to 25" in size. The low-compression ball used travels a little faster and farther than the foam ball, but still have a lower bounce and travels slower than a regulation ball.

Click on the following link to see more information on kids' ages 10 and below:

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The Beginners Program

This program is geared toward the less experienced player.  A player in this program is just starting to play tennis and is learning the basic skills at serving, forehands, backhands and volleys.  Players in this program are not consistent in hitting the ball over the net.  Player can serve to some degree but double faults frequently.  Players at this level will learn to understand scoring as well as correct positions for serving and receiving.  Players will gain knowledge of court positioning in both singles and doubles play.

The beginner program has a division for 12, 14 & 18 and under ages.

Within the 12 and Under, 14 and Under and 18 and Under age divisions, there are 3 levels, the Beginner, Intermediate and the Advanced levels.

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The Intermediate Level

A player at the Intermediate level is able to judge where the ball is going.  They can sustain a slow paced rally of several shots and can volley with moderate success.  This program also includes players beginning to develop directional control and depth of ground strokes.  This level player is becoming more aggressive and applying basic strategy in singles and using teamwork in doubles.

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The Advanced Level

The Advanced level player has good shot anticipation and frequently has an outstanding shot or weapon around which a game may be structured.  Players can regularly hit winners or force errors on short balls and is capable of all shots.  This player is match wise and uses shots that have a high percentage of successes in both singles and doubles.

Anyone interested in joining the team, or for more information, contact the
LATA office at 951-0980 or


Most volunteers want to know what is expected of them.  By letting a potential volunteer know what is expected before he or she commits, both you and the volunteer can make an informed decision about whether the person is right for the job AND whether the job is right for the person.

Below are some pre-defined Junior Team Tennis volunteer position descriptionsA volunteer position description details expectations, the position responsibilities, what benefits the volunteer receives, and other information that can clarify the volunteer role.

Volunteer Postition Descriptions                        

Sample Forms


  • Grievance Committee members: Karen Holzschuh (Chair), 803-951-0980, Tom Schlictman 803-730-2288, Natalie Horne 803-791-7018


  • Appeals Committee members: Helen Sons - 803-730-6202 (cell), Stephen Hunter - 803-359-1649 (office) or 803-606-0133 (cell)

Grievance and Appeals Procedures\


  • Leadership Committee members: Karen Holzschuh (Chair), 803-951-0980, Shirley Cope 803-331-2172, Susan Bishop 803-348-0015