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LATA's Homeschool Program

March 12, 2007 05:53 PM

LATA's Homeschool Tennis program was named the ALL-HEALTH TEAM for April 2007!

The ALL-HEALTH TEAM is a competitive AWARDS program for YOUTH who promote HEALTH in their SCHOOL community.

The All-Health Team is sponsored by S.C Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), Lexington Medical Center and WIS-WV.

It promotes preventive health activities and awareness through South Carolina

The LATA home school partiticpants identified an important health issue

They built a project around the health issue accomplishing the following goals:

Promote a health issue in the community

  • Educate others
  • Advocate for an issue
  • Research an issue

The winning criteria are based on:

  • Originality of project
  • Clearly stated goals and activities
  • Realistic action plan and results achieved
  • Impact project has on community or school
  • Education and outreach component

What did they win:

  • A $500 cash prize to expand the LATA Home school tennis program
  • T-shirts
  • A promotional spot on the All-Health Team Web site
  • A 30-second spot on WIS-TV highlighting their project
  • The opportunity to be named First Team All-Health and win $2000, $3000, or $5000 to expand the LATA Home school tenni program

If you are interested in participating the the LATA Home school tennis program, please contact the LATA office at 951-0980 or email: