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2004 Spring Adult PLAYOFFS Schedule and Information

April 28, 2004 01:35 PM

2004 Adult Spring Playoff Dates and Times- REVISED


  • Friday - April 30th
    6:30 pm
    3.0, 3.5 Women

    Saturday - May 1st
    9:00 am
    3.0 Men
    4.0 Women

    Saturday - May 1st
    3.0 Women SEMI's

    Saturday - May 1st
    3.5 Women SEMI's

    Saturday - May 1st
    3.0 Men FINALS

    Saturday - May 1st
    3.0, 3.5 Women FINALS

    Report to match 30 minutes early (all players- not just captain) to turn in roster. 
  • You will go on court as soon as both teams have signed in with all players ready to play. 
  • Be sure your players are ready to go on the court when they are assigned a court.
    Bring 5 cans of balls to turn in at time of registration.
    Please bring cups to put “refreshments” in.
    NOTE:  This is going to be a busy day.  JTL will be on the other side.  Parking will be scarce so be early.  Overflow parking will be at the school.