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LATA Lunch League

April 28, 2005 12:54 PM

It's informally called the "Lexington Lunch League"  We, (LATA) would prefer the "LATA Lunch League", but it's only a name. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday,  12 noon - 2 p.m.,  at Lexington County Tennis Complex, a group of 10 men, that routinely nets no less than 5 players, informally  play at LCTC for practice and fitness. 

Currently, players are  2.5 - 3.5, however, all levels are welcome.  The current group is interested in more competition.....bring it on!

Anyone that would like to get some extra play time in during the week, please stop by.  You can email the LATA office at or contact Jeff Touchett II at 803-957-2222 ext 4.  

This "LATA Lunch League", could possibly turn into a league featuring competing businesses from the surrounding community.  You can make it happen.