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2004 Fall

August 4, 2004 01:38 PM
  • May play on more than one team but it must be different levels.  (See Item No.1     in the Local Rules and Regs.) 
  • Senior Play Day is Saturday at 9:30**
        **NOTE:  Senior matches are scheduled for Saturday mornings at 9:30.  However, if the two captains involved would like to play at another time/day to accommodate football games, they may do so.  Please try and play any rescheduled matches due to football games before the next scheduled match.  Please let your level coordinator know of any rescheduled matches and the day and time they are rescheduled.  This will help avoid problems.  We also ask that captains be accommodating for teams that have players that want to go to football games.  We also ask if teams have players available for the scheduled match that are not attending the football game, they play those players.
  • Click on the "FALL LEAGUE" tab on the left for more information.