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2003 Schedules for Spring

Schedules Spring 2003

Use this for a quick link to Tennis Link to find Schedule information.

Important: If you only want to look at schedules and results, you do not have to log in to TennisLink. But if you need to enter scores you will have to log in with your USTA number: TennisLink Login. Once you have logged in, click on the "Score Entry" link on the left side of the page. When you reach the Score Entry page, enter the Match Number in the blank provided and click on "Next." (Match Numbers are listed in the "Match Summary by Flight/Team" described at the top of this article. )

From that point on, just fill in the blanks:

1. Enter the date the match was played.

2. Drop-down dialogue boxes at each Singles and Doubles position allow you to select players from the home team and visiting team rosters.

3. Mark the winner of each match by clicking on the "radio button" under the appropriate player or team.

4. Enter the Winning Team score. Don't worry about the point score for Tiebreakers - just enter 7-6.

5. Mark each individual match as Completed, Retired, Default, or Double Default.

6. Check your work for accuracy, then click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

Any team member of either team can enter the score, though your captain may want this "priviledge". Either team can enter the scorecard, but the match will not be considered complete in the standings until someone from the second team logs in and marks the match as "Confirm". If the second team finds errors in the scorecard, the match should be marked "Dispute" by the second team. The "Confirm" and "Dispute" selections are made at the bottom of the score card on the score entry page.