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2004 Spring Seniors Play Days

MEMO TO: All LATA Seniors

FROM:  Joyce Harrison, LATA Local League Coordinator

DATE:  November 21, 2003

RE:  Play Day for Seniors for Spring, 2004

We’re sending you this letter to get your input on the best time during the week to schedule senior matches during Spring, 2004.  As you know, this Fall we played our senior matches during the evenings on Monday through Thursday.  Some of you liked this time and some said they would rather play on the weekend.  To be as fair as possible to the players concerned, we thought we would take a poll and see what your preference is. 

Below is a list of possible play times.  Please indicate your choice with a number (1) beside your first choice and a number (2) by your second choice.  Mail the form back to me at 226 Doulton Way, Columbia, SC  29212 or fax to me at 781-7733.  We need all forms back by Friday, December 5.

We would appreciate your taking the time to let us know how you feel.  We will use the results in scheduling the best times from the poll results.  If you know a senior player interested in playing and they may not have gotten this letter, please provide them a copy and let them vote also.  We want to accommodate as many seniors as possible.  We will let you know the results of the poll by posting a notice on the LATA website ( some time in late December.

Thanks for your interest in growing senior tennis within LATA.

______ Saturday a.m.

______ Sunday p.m.

______ Friday p.m.

______ Other evenings during the week (Monday-Thursday….as long as the schedule will permit due to Adult tennis matches being played during those times.- as done this Fall)


Play Level ___________________________

Played during    _____Fall, 03      _____ Spring, 03

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