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2002 LATA League Rules


League Coordinator – Joyce Harrison 781-7733/league ph/fax

League Secretary – Wanda Johns 359-5311


1. Each 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 Adult team must have at least eight (8) players. Each 2.5, 5.0 and Open team must have five (5) players. Each Senior team must have six (6) players. All team members must be paid members of the USTA, SCTA and LATA through the Local League Season. No players may be added to a team roster after play for that level begins, except in the case of appeal decisions made after this deadline. During local league season, a player may play on only one Adult and one Senior team concurrently (SC Regs page 2 #7A). All players must be verified according to current STA procedures, or have a computer rating from 2000 or 2001.

2. Each team must have a Captain or acting Captain present at every match. Captains must exchange line-ups simultaneously prior to start of play and enter scores through TennisLink program immediately following each match. Mail scorecard to appropriate level coordinator immediately following match. (Note: If captain cannot be present prior to play, another teammate must present line-up.) Please keep scorecards legible.

3. After line-ups have been exchanged, they can only be changed because of injury or illness for any individual match that has not started. If a team does change their line up for this reason, the opposing team may not change his/her line-up.

4. There will be a fifteen (15) minute default rule in effect. During individual matches, a ten (10) minute break may be taken between 2nd and 3rd sets only. Otherwise, play must be continuous throughout the match, as specified in USTA rules.

5. A player can play only once per match.

6. Strength sheets are not required.


A. Completed individual matches will stand as played. Incomplete matches must be continued by the same players and resumed at the exact set, game, point – as they stood when halted. (Any point played is always counted and never replayed.)

B. If an individual match has not started and the match is rained out, a new line up may be presented at the make-up match. See the STA Rules - Regulation 3.01H(4)Note.

C. Rained-out matches must be rescheduled and played within one week. If mutual agreement cannot be reached within 24 hours of scheduled match, captains must contact their level coordinator who will then select a date.

D. If at all possible, rain make-up date must be scheduled and played as a team.

E. If teams have assembled to play and the beginning of the match is delayed by rain or wet courts, teams must wait no longer than one hour past the originally scheduled time for start of the first match to determine if the courts are playable. If courts are still not playable after one hour has elapsed, teams are free to leave and reschedule, unless BOTH teams agree to wait longer.

8. USTA rules govern play. Also, “The Code” as a handbook of ethics and fair play should be understood and followed by every player. Captains and team members are urged to familiarize themselves with the official USTA, STA, SCTA, LATA, and “The Code”.

9. All Adult team members must be 19 years of age or older during the calendar year (Jan.-Dec.) - 50 years or older during the calendar year for seniors.

10. Matches will consist of:

Adults-Two single matches and three doubles matches at 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 4.5 levels.

One singles and two doubles at 2.5, 5.0, Open levels.

Three doubles for Senior levels.

Scoring will be: 2 out of 3 sets

12-point tiebreak will be used in any set when score reaches 6 all.

*New Rule: Beginning with State Championship, a 10-point match tiebreak will be played in lieu of 3rd set.

11. Round Robin format will be used. Winners will be determined based on team matches won or winning percentage of team matches. Procedures for playoffs will be printed on the team schedules and may vary according to the level of play and number of teams. In all cases, ties will be broken in the following order:

A. Individual matches – winner of the most individual matches

B. Sets – Fewest sets lost

C. Games – Fewest games lost

D. Head to Head – Winner of head-to-head match.

12. Defaults – Forfeits - Retirements

A. A forfeited match, for any reason, is scored as one point for the opposing team. The names of the winning players only should be written in the proper place on the scorecard, as if the match had been played as scheduled.

B. Retired – in the case of a retirement the non-retiring player(s) shall be credited with such number of additional games, as would have been won if the match were completed and the non-forfeiting player won every subsequent game.

C. Forfeits – the non-forfeiting player should be credited with a 6-0, 6-0 win.

D. Forfeits – an adult team must have a minimum of four eligible players available for play in each match or the entire match shall be forfeited. A team may forfeit a maximum of two positions in a match without forfeiting the entire match. In such case, forfeits shall be determined by a Team Captain in accordance with the following:

a. Singles – the #2 singles must be forfeited before the #1 singles may be forfeited

b. Doubles – the #3 doubles must be forfeited before the #2 doubles may be forfeited.

c. Examples:

i. One player absent – forfeit #2 singles or #3 doubles

ii. Two players absent – forfeit #1 and #2 singles or #3 doubles or #2 singles and #3 doubles

iii. Three players absent – forfeit #2 singles and #3 doubles or #2 and #3 doubles

iv. Four players absent – forfeit #2 and #3 doubles

E. Forfeit by default – If line-ups have been exchanged and a player on scorecard fails to show within 15 minute default rule, only that position needs to be forfeited – meaning the rest of lineup positions remain the same. Also, if a team member not on the scorecard is on site, they can be put in line up for the affected position only, if the original player does not show, is sick or has had an accident.

F. Each team will be allowed one individual match forfeit per team match. For example, if a team has 7 matches on the schedule, they will be allowed no more than 7 individual match forfeits. If a team exceeds the allowed number of forfeits or if the team forfeits one entire match, the league will file a grievance against that team. The grievance committee shall then determine what appropriate action should be taken which will include forfeiture of all matches and/or disqualification from the next season. A captain has a right to appeal.


1. Secure at least eight players for Adult team (five for 2.5, 5.0, Open levels, and six for Seniors), preferably more to allow for substitutes. Be sure that none are rated above level for which your team is entered in the League. The entire team can be disqualified if one player is above level or otherwise ineligible as determined by grievance committee.

2. Be sure that each member of your team is a member in good standing of the USTA. Matches of non USTA participants will be forfeited.

3. Collect from each team member the LATA League dues, TennisLink fee, and court fees, if applicable.

4. Secure a facility for team to play out of and pay any court fees to facility.

5. Register your team through TennisLink.

6. Report scores through TennisLink and mail copy of scorecard to level coordinator immediately following each match.

7. Be sure each member of the team receives a copy of the schedule. Copies of USTA, STA, SCTA and LATA League rules should be available to team members if requested. (LATA USTA League furnishes each team captain copies of rules and it is his responsibility to secure extra copies for team members.)

8. Home captain should contact visiting captain three (3) days prior to match schedule to confirm match.

9. Team captain is responsible for notification and communication to each team member, all information needed from the League.

10. Team captain is responsible for representing his/her team at all League meetings & casting team’s vote.

11. The League recognizes only (1) captain per team – no co-captains. However, in the absence of the captain, a team member can be appointed as a temporary captain.