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Captain's Letter for Spring 2003 League

Lexington Tennis League

League Coordinator – Joyce Harrison 781-7733

Secretary – Wanda Johns 359-53ll

TO: Team Captains

FROM: Joyce Harrison, League Coordinator

DATE: December 19, 2002

IMPORTANT, if you are not planning to be a captain this Spring, please pass this letter on to the new captain.

The Captain’s Meeting will be January 5th at Lexington County Tennis Center at 2:00. It is very important that each team be represented. Only the captain or a team member will be allowed to pick up a packet. Please do not ask a captain or team member from another team to pick up your packet.

A Team Registration Form is included with this letter, which is to be filled out completely and turned in at the Captain’s Meeting to give us information needed on the schedules.

You do not have to wait until the Captain’s Meeting to register your team. You can begin as soon as you receive this information. However, please take care and follow

instructions for properly registering your team. This will prevent us from having to go behind you and make corrections.

When registering your team, please remember to use your team code as part of your team name plus your facility. Your team code is imperative for scores, etc. to be processed in TennisLink. Your facility code is imperative for scheduling.

EXAMPLE: John Doe, Captain of the Aces playing out of Coldstream would be:


The “T” associates you with Lexington (LATA)

The “JDO” is the initials of the captain

The “CS” associates the team as playing out of Coldstream

To register on TennisLink, go to LATA web site: and click on TennisLink. If you have any problems with registration, please call your Level Coordinator.

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The league fee is $18 per player ($15 for seniors) plus a $2 user fee for the “TennisLink” program. This will need to be paid with a credit card. No refunds.

The deadline for registering a complete team is January 18. We cannot put your team in the schedule if you miss this date. Also be aware the “TennisLink” program will not accept a player without a USTA membership current through June 2003. Do not wait until the deadline and not have the minimum number of players.

For a team to be accepted by January 18th, you must have:

Adult Team 8 players

Senior Team 6 players

2.5 and 5.0 Team 5 players

*Remember, registration is now open to your team. A player can register himself/herself, using his/her own credit card on your team up to January 18th. At that date, the team has to have the minimum number of players to be accepted. No Exceptions.

ADD-ONS: Players may be added to a roster until the February 8th deadline.

The Spring Season for Adult and Seniors will start February 9th.

As in the past, any team’s choice of courts or play day when moving from one level to another or any new team’s choice of courts will be subject to availability depending on how many teams are already at those courts or on that day.

NTRP Computer Ratings for Spring 2003 are available on the SCTA website. The Appeal Form is also available there. All appeals must be in by January 10th. See NTRP Computer Appeal Process on page 1, item 4 of 2003 South Carolina State USA League Tennis Regulations.

There will be no verifications. Players without a computer rating are required to declare a self-rating on TennisLink when entering the program regardless of the NTRP level they enter. They begin to generate a computer rating after their first match with a computer rated player. IMPORTANT: Factors such as player’s on- court performance, tennis background and any additional information should be considered in the self-rating decision. When players are rating themselves, if they question at which level they should play, they should place themselves in the higher NTRP level of play. A copy of the NTRP Guidelines are enclosed and on the website.

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As most of you are already aware, we will be implementing Dynamic Ratings beginning with the year 2003. Some important changes this will bring about are:

  1. Players with 2001 or 2002 computer ratings will use their most current rating. Players without computer ratings will self-rate.

  1. No player is protected from disqualification through the Sectional Championships.

  1. Disqualification will be by the computer. This will happen after the player has reached the disqualification level three times during the local season. If a player is disqualified, the last match, which disqualified him, will be taken away and considered a loss to the team. The disqualified player will not be allowed to continue playing at that level. He will be allowed to join another team at this time provided he can find one and they have at least two matches remaining in the local season. A player will not be disqualified during a championship until the end of that championship but will not be allowed to go to the next level with his/her team.

4. Computer ratings will be good for 5 years.

Enclosed is some additional information on Dynamic Ratings. Also, the USTA web site ( has some great information that will help answer your questions.

It will be imperative that teams report scores immediately after matches. If the other team has not confirmed the score within 48 hours after the match score is entered, TennisLink will automatically confirm for you. At this point, it will be too late to dispute the match. ALSO, rainout matches must be made up before the next match. If a rainout occurs, the two captains must set a rain date, to be played before the next match, and contact your level coordinator within the 24 hour limit and inform him/her of the scheduled makeup date. Although it is nice to make up as a team, if this is not possible, make up individually as needed. If a decision cannot be reached within the 24 hour time period, the level coordinator will pick a date for the match to be played before the next scheduled match. Scores must be entered promptly. This is not a new rule. We are just enforcing it due to the importance of matches being played on time for Dynamic Ratings.

NOTE: Partial matches cannot be entered on TennisLink. If it is necessary to play a rained out match individually instead of as a team, please record scores on a scorecard and enter on TennisLink when the entire match is completed.

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LIST OF LATA FACILITIES and their codes to use when registering your team on TennisLink:

Ball Park – BP Irmo High School – IH Quail Hollow – QH

Coldstream – CS Murraywood – MW Quail Valley – QV

Crooked Creek – CC Orangeburg – OB NW YMCA – YMCA

Gardendale – GD Seven Oaks – SO Topspin – TS

Golden Hills – GH Brookland Cayce – BC Dutch Fork High – DF

Lexington Country Club – LCC

Lexington County Tennis Complex – LCTC



4.5 Monday Night 6:30 5.0 Sunday 2:00

4.0 Monday Day 9:30 4.5 Sunday 2:00

4.0 Wednesday Night 6:30 4.0 Thursday 6:30

3.5 Tuesday Day 9:30 3.5 Thursday 6:30

3.5 Tuesday Night 6:30 3.0 Wednesday 6:30

3.0 Friday Day 9:30

3.0 Monday Night 6:30

2.5 Tuesday Night 6:30

SENIORS – ALL LEVELS MEN and LADIES Saturday at 10:00

Please Note Days and Times may have to change according to the number of teams that register and the number of teams at certain facilities to allow for scheduling.



4.5 Becky Hipp 356-3784 5.0 Sammie George 359-2282

4.0 Nancy Hogsett 781-4049 4.5 Sammie George 359-2282

3,5 Summer Meetze 356-1048 4.0 Sammie George 359-2282

3.0 Nan Aull 755-2401 3.5 Don Aull 755-2401

2.5 Becky Hipp 356-3784 3.0 Cissy George 796-5397

Srs. Phyllis Ross 359-9342

SS Sammie George 359-2282