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LATA Board Meeting Minutes- June 14, 2002

Lexington Area Tennis Association

Minutes of Board/Volunteer Special Meeting

Regarding Schedule Changes

June 14, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am. by Scott Callison, President. A quorum of the board was present as follows: Scott Callison, Tim Hewson, Sammy George, Sarah Holleman, Ken Bickel, Joyce Harrison, Jack Aldrich, Suzanne Flowers. Also in attendance were Sandy Gies and Bobby Buff.

This was a special meeting held to discuss and respond to the comments and suggestions of LATA players regarding doubling the number of mixed doubles matches this season.

Information was presented by attendees, of comments from captains and players, about doubling the matches. The consensus was that all levels wanted to extend season except for actual vote from 6.5’s and some seniors. Specific information from the 6.5 A level captains was 15 in favor of keeping current schedule and 14 in favor of extending it. The majority of levels wanted to extend the season but were unsure of proposed scheduling.

There was a lot of discussion regarding how long play would go into August. The maximum # of weeks the season could last would be 10 weeks. This would mean that in order to get double the number of matches in, there would have to be 2 matches per week for several weeks. This would have to take place on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.

A motion was proposed by Tim Hewson to: Double the number of matches for the current Mixed Doubles season for all levels. It was seconded by Scott Callison.

Scott Callison asked for more discussion about how and if it could be done. It was presented that the season would run until mid August. There would have to be two matches for several weeks that would have to play on the weekends. Since players are allowed to play two levels at Adult Mixed and two levels at Seniors Mixed, players could have to play as many as 4 extra matches in a week. By doubling the number of matches it could cause the Combo season to either have to run simultaneously or be pushed back. This could cause the fall season to be pushed back. The changes could not be made on Tennis Link this season. It would have to be done manually and would take longer to get the new information out. The 6.5 A level was basically split and the 8.5 Sr. level was already playing everyone twice giving them 6 matches. The minimum number of matches scheduled for every level is 6.

Tim Hewson amended his motion to: Double the number of matches for the current Mixed Doubles season for all levels, excluding the 6.5 Adult and 8.5 Seniors levels. It was seconded by Scott Callison.

A vote was taken and the motion failed with a 3 to 5 vote.

It was decided that LATA would take special means to communicate this information to the players and to let them know that it would be their goal to amend this in the future. The board adopted a policy to do everything that it can in the future to schedule at least 8 matches in each season. This may not always be possible due to the numbers of teams in each level.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 10:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Holleman, Secretary