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LATA Tennis Link Assistance Guide

Tennis Link Assistance Guide

Written for Players in the Lexington Tennis League

may be used to:

  • Register a whole team or add individual players to team
  • Report Match Scores
  • View Individual Results & Team Standings

Any player with a valid USTA number can access all results and standings in TennisLink!

Requirements for

  • computer with internet access and a web browser
  • credit card
  • Patience is highly recommended. That internet can be really slow sometimes!

Team or player registration

The team captain must register first in order to establish the team. The captain may continue the registration process and register the whole team or only a few players. If a captain does not wish to register (and pay for) the entire team, he or she should give the team number generated in the initial registration process to the teammates. The teammates can then add themselves to the team (and pay for themselves) using TennisLink.

Registration instructions for Captains

1) Access any of these sites though the internet:

Click on the icon to register your team for USA League Tennis

or go directly to at

2) Type your USTA number in the tennis ball and click “Go”.

3) In the middle of the page there is a highlighted link that states “Click here” to create a new team and become its captain. Yes, you guessed it – click it.

4) Create your team by providing the following information at the prompts:

Section: USTA Southern

District: South Carolina

Area: Lexington - LATA

League: 2002 Spring USA Adult League (or Senior League)

Flight: (for example - 4.0 Day Women)

Team Name: “T” followed by Captain’s first name initial and first two letters of last name, then a hyphen followed by your team’s name, another hyphen followed by the initials for the facility you are playing out of (list of facilities and initials listed below). For example, Captain Jane Doe of the “Lobsters” playing out of Coldstream would enter TJDO-Lobsters-CS. Captain in the Senior League should use TZ the initials of their first and last names. (For example, captain Jane Doe of a senior team would enter a team name of “TZJD-Lobsters”-CS.


Ball Park – BP Harbison – HB Quail Hollow - QH

Coldstream – CS Orangeburg - OB Quail Valley - QV

Crooked Creek - CC Seven Oaks - SO YMCA - YMCA

Gardendale - GD Topspin – TS Irmo High School – IH

Dutch Fork High - DF Brookland Cayce- BC Murraywood - MW

“New” Lexington County Tennis Facility – LCTC Golden Hills - GH

In case there is a facility you are playing out of that we missed, please let us know.

Click “Submit” to create your team

Enter your phone number at the prompt (include your area code) and click “Submit”

5) Print a copy of your confirmation with your new team number to give the team number to your players. You may now register yourself or your whole team!

Tip: If you register other players, copy and paste the team number in the blank beside each USTA player number. (The system will remind you if you forget.)

Registration instructions for Players

Captains may wish for players to register themselves individually. To do this, the player must obtain the team number from the captain.

1) Follow steps 1 and 2 listed above for the captains.

2) Enter your team number and phone number (with area code) in the boxes next to your USTA # and click “Submit”.

3) Fill out your credit card information and click “submit”

4) Print out your confirmation sheet as your receipt – you’re done!


Your USTA membership must be valid through 5/02 in order to register for a team. If your membership expires before 5/02 then you will be able to renew your USTA membership on-line and then continue the registration process.

Using during the season

Captains will use TennisLink to report match scores and to review individual results & team standings. Players may use TennisLink to review the results of any team or individual match after the captains have posted the scores.

Score Card instructions for Captains

1) Login to TennisLink using your USTA number. (Detailed instructions are listed above.)

2) Click “Score Entry” Navigation button on left of screen.

3) Enter the “Match Number”.

4) Select the players in each position. (Your players are already listed – you just need to choose which ones played each position.)

5) Enter the scores and click “submit”. If the scores are accurate, click “Finish”.

Verifying Scores:

A captain may follow steps 1-3 above and discover that the opposing captain has already entered the scores. In that case the captain should “review scores” and click “verify”, if they are accurate or click “dispute” if they are not accurate.

Instructions for All Players

Any player with a valid USTA number can access all results and standings (Team standings, individual records, etc.) in TennisLink! We believe this is the part of TennisLink that players will find most exciting. To get to that wealth of information:

1) Login to TennisLink using your USTA number. (Detailed instructions are listed above.)

2) Select “Stats & Standings” from the menu on the left side.

3) Select the Championship Year as “2002” in the box at the top. (It won’t let you do anything else without first selecting the year.)

4) If you are checking on your own team, input your own USTA # and click “Go”. If you don’t remember your USTA number, you can enter your name in the boxes at the bottom of the page. As you move the mouse over the page, boxes will pop up with different choices. Click on the statistic you wish to review.

5) If you are checking on your buddies or the opposition, you have 2 options. If you know the correct spelling of your friend or opponent, you can enter the name in the boxes at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, you will need to “Drill Down Search” on the right side of the page. Do this by choosing:

Section: (USTA Southern)

District: (South Carolina)

Area: (Lexington – LATA)

League (2002 Spring USA Adult League)

Flight (for example - 3.0 Night Women)

Flight Subdivision (for example – Red Division)

At this point you should be able to review the standings of the division and then click on individual teams and then individual players. Tons of information right at your fingertips!