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Mixed Doubles Local League Rules - 2003





A. Three mixed doubles partnerships. A minimum of six (6) players.

B. The partnership must not exceed the combined level of play that the team has entered.

C. Combined partnerships may enter one of the following levels of play: 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 (See limitations under Format, page 1, Item 1, SCTA Mixed Doubles Regs, 2003)


All players must have a current USTA membership which is valid through league season. (Any player applying for, or renewing, USTA membership may do so online when registering on TennisLink.

Computer Rating:

Any player with a valid computer rating as a result of the adult or senior USTA League Tennis Program must play that level or higher.


A player without a computer rating must self-rate to enter the program (National Regs, Rule 5.01D). NTRP guidelines are listed on the web.

Local Play:

A. Each team must Round Robin with at least 2 teams of the same level.

B. Each player must play at least two matches locally for Adult and 1 match locally for Senior to qualify for further championship play (a forfeit received will be used to qualify for advancement to Championship.)

C. Each team must play at least three matches to qualify for further championship play (National Regs, Rule 501G(1).

D. Winners will be determined based on team matches won or winning percentage of team matches. Procedures for playoffs, which will be published on the web and e-mailed to captains by the level coordinators, may vary according to the level of play and number of teams. In all cases, ties will be broken in the following order.

1. Winner of most individual matches

2. Loser of fewest sets.

3. Loser of fewest games.

4. Winner of head to head.

5. Toss of coin by LLC.

E. Home team is responsible for court fees and providing new balls.

F. Rained out matches are to be made up before the next scheduled match. Captains must reschedule and notify the level coordinator, within 24 hours, of the rescheduled time. If captains cannot agree when to play, Level Coordinator will set a date. Make-up matches may be played individually.

G. Players must report to scheduled matches on time. The 15-minute forfeit rule will apply – unless prior arrangements have been made between captains.


All scores must be reported/verified on TennisLink within 24 hours of match. If not confirmed within 48 hours, TennisLink will confirm and scores, as reported, will stand. Questions should be directed to Level Coordinator first.


A. Scorecards are to be printed by captains from TennisLink.

B. Captains are to exchange line-ups simultaneously. No changes may be made after line-ups have been exchanged, except as indicated in the substitution rule. Please note: After scorecards have been exchanged, if a team receives a forfeit, the receiving team does not have the option to change their line-up!

C. Either captain can report scores on TennisLink. The other captain must confirm within the 48 hour time limit or scores stand as reported.


A. Forfeit by default – when a player fails to appear on time.

B. Forfeit by disqualification – disqualification occurs when a player is ineligible to participate for any reason (i.e., not a member of USTA, under age, not on roster).

C. If a team forfeits an entire match (2 of the 3 positions) for any reason during round robin play, then all matches of that team, played or to be played, shall be null and void. Previous points awarded to their opponents will be taken away.

D. Players receiving a forfeit must be listed on Scorecard; players giving a forfeit must not be listed.

E. In case of a forfeit, #3 doubles team must be forfeited.


Retirement occurs when an individual match has started and a player is unable to continue due to injury, loss of condition, or emergency.

Scoring of Retirement:

In case of retirement after commencement of match, non-retiring player shall be credited with such number of additional games as would have been won if match was completed and non-retiring player won every subsequent game. Winner of retirement, if match ended 6-4, 4-3,

should record retirement as that score.


After Scorecards have been exchanged, substitution may be made only in case of injury, illness, or disqualification any time before match begins with an onsite player (an individual match is begun when the first ball is put into play). In event rain or inclement weather forces cancellation and rescheduling of a team match, substitution may be made in any individual match that has not begun. Points allowed for a forfeit during original lineup exchange will stand. All players involved in forfeit may not participate in rescheduled match.