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Please help us to make the LATA Website an informative and fun place for you to get all the latest tennis news.  Let us know what you think.  Whether its about the web site or maybe you are on a team you think deserves special recognition because you won City or State or just had fun this past season.    Maybe there is a player or a captain you want us to showcase on the League Website.  Whatever the story, we want to know about it.  If you have pictures, that's great, or if you want to write the story and send it to us as a Word or text document, that's even better.  We need you to tell us what is going on with Tennis in the Lexington Area.  Can you help us?  We want to hear from you.  Please send all suggestions and or ideas for stories and features to Patrick Hanks at the email addresses listed below.  Thanks for your input...

Patrick Hanks can be reached at .

We look forward to hearing from you.